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Tackling Extreme Heat: Representative Lydia Glaize Advocates for Youth Safety

As record-breaking heat waves continue to impact communities nationwide, states are taking action to protect vulnerable populations, especially young people. A recent article by NC Newsline highlights these efforts, noting the alarming rise in heat-related deaths, from about 1,000 in 2018 to 1,784 in 2023. Climate change exacerbates this crisis, disproportionately affecting minority groups and low-income individuals.

In response to these challenges, Georgia state legislators, including Representative Lydia Glaize, are considering a bill inspired by a tragic incident involving a young football player's death due to heat. This bill, echoing the South Fulton city ordinance, aims to mandate the availability of 150-gallon containers filled with ice and water at parks and recreational facilities during high-temperature months. As a sponsor, Representative Glaize emphasizes the importance of these measures in preventing further heat-related tragedies among young athletes and other vulnerable individuals.

Representative Glaize's commitment to this cause underlines the urgency of addressing climate-related health risks. Her dedication to ensuring the safety of Georgia's youth in the face of rising temperatures is a crucial step towards mitigating the adverse effects of climate change.

Read more about this pressing issue and Representative Glaize's efforts in the full article: Some states act to protect residents from extreme heat — with a new focus on young people


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