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Lydia Glaize

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I am the mother of 7 children, a child of sharecroppers from Georgia and Alabama who relocated to New Jersey in the mid-1950s and became factory workers.  At 7 years old I became essential to my family’s overall welfare due to the separation of my parents. I spent my youth with my hands in the soil, inhaling fresh air, and being warmed by the sun while picking fruits and vegetables to earn daily income for our daily sustenance, clothes/shoes, school supplies, and attending the State Fair.


Working was essential to our family’s survival, and I worked with the end goal of helping to support my siblings. As the oldest daughter of 5 children and the first college graduate in my family opened the door for my siblings to have access to a college education as well. I learned selflessness, hard work, and how to advocate for myself and others as a means of survival. Work and advocacy have always been core values for our family, and so I understand why families in District 67 are asking for an expanded economy with sustainable career opportunities for their children’s future. 


Compassion for others fuels my advocacy for the common good of families and communities. This same passion, aligned with my skill sets in human and community development, education, economic growth, and environmental sustainability with the ability to collaborate will translate into our region’s ability to attract high-paying jobs, expand entrepreneurship, support education initiatives to make up for the learning loss, and enhance parks and recreation. 


I am a dreamer, however, it’s a fact that my personal dreams and servant-leadership have manifested upward mobility for my family despite the overwhelming odds. 

Together, we will become a formidable force for continued progress in Georgia’s 67th District. 


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