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I’ve defended fully funding our Public Schools over this session and to increase money for transportation, increased Free Lunch to reduced pay families, increased QBE with a weighted need-based formula to mention a few.


Parents are absolutely capable of being in charge of their children's education. Just like they are capable of understanding whether schools provide for the whole student or not.


House Bill 233 is a way of defunding Public Education. Instead of putting the needed funds in our public education system, the GOP continues to push Voucher legislation and increased Criminal Legislation that includes increasing mandatory minimum sentences. 


School vouchers hurt Georgia's students because it diverts critical funding from Public Schools in need. Public schools, whether in metro Atlanta or rural Georgia deserve resources that will help all of our children.


These Bills harm communities in need. Also, passing legislation that does not protect our youth, including our trans youth. Communities deserve quality public school education and not funneling money into areas that won't help ALL Georgians.


In many rural areas, there is a lack of private schools. Some areas even lack broadband access. All these are barriers that prevent parents from accessing the best educational choice for their children.


Georgia Parents must have access to Fully-funded Public Schools, Charter Schools, STEM Academies, Career Academies as well as Homeschool and online K-12 Schools to really provide School Choice for Georgia.


After almost 40 years of not fully funding QBE for Georgia’s Public Schools. The question is where do families without resources obtain a good K-12 education throughout Georgia for $6500?


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