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House Rep. Glaze Talks Education System at South Fulton Meeting

City of South Fulton Mayor Pro Tem Jacey Sebastion hosted a community meeting at Fire Station on June 6, inviting House Rep. Lydia Glaze along with a few other guests to come out and speak to District 4 residents.

Glaze, specifically, delved into various legislative changes regarding Georgia’s education system and a few of the measures being taken to make education more accessible to every student in the state.

As the only representative who sits on both the K-12 and higher education committees, Glaze said she had the opportunity to take major strides over the previous year to improve the state’s quality of education through recent policy approvals.

“Because I am the only person who sits on both committees, for everything ranging from cradles to careers, I get to voice my input,” Glaze said.

A few major accomplishments of the K-12 education system included restoring the HOPE scholarship back to 100% to further help students afford higher education, raising teacher salaries, providing more student transportation dollars, increasing funding for staff retirement programs, and providing literacy coaches for all school systems.


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